A world of well-being by Markus

In our wellness area, nature is translated into well-being for the body and spirit. Escaping the tiring day-to-day routine and recharging empty batteries.

During your holiday find relaxation and enjoyment!
For your well-being in the mountains , we built for you a small but delightful Wellness area:


finish Sauna

alpine water- bath

infrared sauna

relaxation room

Come to the country
of energy!
Imagine you lie down in green
Meadow. The flowers bloom around you
around, the birds sing and the sun
seems. It is quite warm, and you
breathe deeply in and out. The wind wanders
Smooth your body. You realize
as he leaves to rustle brings.
In the distance you can the noise
listen to a stream.
Suddenly you end up next to a large,
colorful balloon. You behold him, and
know that he is waiting for you to make a trip with you.
Quickly you to jump, climb into the basket of the balloon and elevate
you with him into the air.
The force of the wind pushes the balloon forward quickly. You fly with
him over mountains and valleys in a distant land: the land of
There, the balloon lands. You jump out and look around you. As
Suddenly the sun comes out from behind a cloud and tickles you
with its warm rays on the face, so you have to laugh.
The Sun says:? I am the sun. Come with
me and I'll show you how we
live and work here. All
Inhabitants of the country's energy
Energy producing
for you people, but
for all animals and
Plants on Earth necessary
is. Imagine the energy
like an invisible force in the various work
can do. I, the sun produces, heat and light energy.
Without my work, there would be no life on Earth.
But now I have talked enough about me. I want you
also have opportunities to meet my friends!?

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The rates are per person and night. Minimum stay in high season is 6 nights.


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